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About Black Sheep Racing

BSR is a family owned and run racing team based near the heart of British Motorsport in Castle Donington, Liecestershire within earshot of Donington Park Circuit. The team comprises Robert Hunter - owner-driver and Dave Hunter - adviser and marketing. There are 5 other members of the team from the University of Derby Motorsport Department without whose help this wouldn't have happened.

BSR evolved from the father and son karting duo which was brought about by a visit to Euro Dieppe Karting in Northern France. Dieppe saw the first outing of Robbie and in three session he had halved his lap time and so the seeds for BSR were sown.

Early BSR competition was in the 2001 Fulbeck Club Honda Cadet Championship in which they finished 3rd. Robert spent 2001 well overweight in his class and finishing third was the best that could be hoped for. A good second place at Shennington in October from 2nd place on the grid was a welcome end to Roberts cadet years. Robert started karting in 1998 in France whilst on holiday and went from strength to strength 1999 saw 2nd place in the cadet championship at Fulbeck and 2000 saw a well contested championship with 4 wins but having missed a meeting he could only finsih 3rd in the championship.

BSR competed in the 2003 Club Championships at Fulbeck and Glan-Y-Gors where we finished in 4th and 6th places respectively despite joining both championships in mid season. The experience gained in these championships will allow us to progress further in 2004 where we came 2nd and 4th in the Wombwell and Fulbeck Junior Max championships repectively. 2005 - where we finished 7th in the British National Junior Gearbox class in Stars of Tomorrow run by the British Racing drivers Club.

Dave Hunter a former commercial pilot and IT consultant. Now a student at Derby University studying Motorsport Technology and CEO for EastWest Aviation brings marketing and mechanical experience to the team. Since 1973, Dave was a computer consultant rising through the ranks from operator to consultant. He founded EastWest Aviation in 1994 to develop a secondary interest. Dave has contrated to many blue chip companies as well as governments throught either aviation or IT

BSR in racing to win, have fun, entertain the fans, and to promote those businesses that support the team. We promote your company and products. 

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