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 Driver Training with BSR:

Now it gets tougher you are now mixing it with the other more experienced drivers but don't worry they were just like you in their time.  Nobody is superhuman they are just like you and if they are honest they felt like you do right now.

Having got your full licence you are now in a better position to decide which class you wish to compete in. You've been to 5 race meetings and seen whats on offer so your decision is based on knowledge rather than luck. There many ways to progress and some are listed below.

[1] Stay at your local club and compete in the club championship.

[2] Join one or two clubs and compete in their championships as well.

[3] Do your local championship and one of the National championships.

[4] Do two or more National championships and the occasional club round.

For the rest of your first year stay with options 1 or 2 you might find that that's all you want to do and are happy as a club racer. For the rest the nationals beckon and if you are good enough who nows where you'll get to.

For those of you staying on with BSR we are instigating a series of guest driving and technical advisory workshops. These can be a one to one but we feel its better in a classroom situation but with no more than six to each class. Track time therefore gives a reasonable simulation as others are on the track and the classroom invites questions you wouldn't have thought of. Costs for these 'workshops' will vary on the guest tutor.

The cadet drivers have the opportunity to remain with their Honda kart until they move on to Junior level. They can buy or hire the same type of kart they used in their novice stage but now they will be shown how to improve their driving skills and most of all how to get dad to set the kart up properly.

Juniors will be able to stay with the Hondas or move to a faster class such as Mini Max, Junior Max, TKM 4 stroke or join the ranks of the future young racers in Junior Gearbox. There will be further driving tutoring to cope with these faster karts to enable you to get the best from them and from you.

Seniors well the sky's the limit what do you want to do? You can stay with Pro-karts move to Rotax Max, TKM 4 stroke or 125 Gearbox where the horsepower multiplies over threefold that you have been used to. Going the Gearbox (ICC) path you could decide to move to the ultimate mindblowing adrenaline machine the new Division 1 Super kart with twin 250cc with sixspeed gearbox which have almost the same power to weight ratio as Formula 1 but at the price of a used Mondeo.

Costs for those renting karts now depend on what you want to do and will be quoted on an individual basis. For those of you who wish to purchase second hand we can advise on that purchase if you wish. We also sell new karts from various manufacturers at keen prices. Spares and tyres are readily available. After purchasing you are welcome to stay with the team in the awning at the following rates.

 Awning Space and Technical assistance

Being in the Black Sheep awning affords you the little extras you may not have, or the space to put them. We have a compressed air tank, vice, bench grinder, hand held grider, tyre changer, Mychron data loging hire with software analysis, weather station with jetting software and remote sensor, Sniper laser tracking (ICA and ICC), pit to kart radio for practice, welding equipment, specialist tools, lighting and heating.

Hospitality and rest area with toilet, hot and cold running water and the tea and coffee are supplied.

Club Meetings and Testing

National Championships

Awning space per weekend


Awning space per weekend Stars - Fri-Sun


Awning space per extra day


Awning space per weekend NKF - Fri-Sun


Awning space per test day


Awning space per extra day - From


Share Technician per day


Share Technician per day


Technician per day


Technician per day


 Let's all be careful out there and keep the shiny side up.



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