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Buying your Equipment

You've done your training and now you want to get your own equipment.  Watch out as there are many pitfalls. First thing is cost decide what budget you can afford and then look at what you can get.


    Honda, Comer, or WTP     


    Honda, TKM (2-4 stroke), Minimax, Junior Max, JICA, Jnr Gearbox   


    Honda, TKM (2-4 stroke), Max, ICA, Gearbox  

There are a few rules you should follow irrespective of the class you are entering.
[1]  Do not go out and buy the first kart you see.
[2]  Do not try to design and build your own (most classes require homologation of the chassis).
[3]  Do visit your local MSA track and talk to the scrutineers and other officials.
[4]  Watch the days racing and look round the pits talk to competitors, above all ask questions.
[5]  Gather information from dealers on their product lines and test drive opportunities.
[6]  Have a look at second hand deals in Karting magazine and UK Karting web site.
[7]  D
o your homework. The ancillary equipment can cost as much as the kart.

You've done your homework, chosen your class and now you want to buy. The complete kart is only the beginning you have many other things to budget for. Always look at the budget list.

Budget List

[1]    Kart cost and what spares come with the deal.
[2]    Van, Coach, Lorry or trailer purchase.
[3]    Tyre purchase - Slicks and Wets.
[4]    Rims for the tyres - These are usually different sizes for slicks and wets.
[5]    Tool box and basic tools.
[6]    Kart trolley unless you like working on your knees.
[7]    Fuel canisters.
[8]    Sprockets, chains, brake pads, track rods, side panels, nose cone and other spares.
[9]    Oil, chain lubricant, bearing lubricant, degreaser, cleaning fluid, cloths and rags.

[10]  Race suit.
[11]  Helmet

[12]  Boots (above ankle support)
[13]  Gloves - driving and mechanic
[14]  Club membership fees.
[15]  Practice fees.
[16]  Race Fees.

[17]  Transport fuel cost and subsistance allowance.

The budget list is a guide only and you may have some of or access to the equipment already but if your starting from scratch the list is a good starting point.

The extras you need after buying the kart could well exceed the cost of the kart and spending 5,000 to start up is not unheard of. It could be less depending on how much equipment you already own. An example of a new kart and a half decent van with some tools, tyres, spares etc could easily get into the 5,000 plus range.

When buying second hand check the kart out completely, take a knowledgeable friend with you. Look for cracks in the chassis, find out when the engine was last serviced or rebuilt and who did it. Make sure the kart is legal for the class you wish to enter. If the current owner says it is get a written receipt stating that and that they will either refund your money or pay for the required changes if it isn't. Above all when purchasing second hand Remember - Caveat Emptor

Important note -  Race suit must be CIK/FIA approved. Helmet must be to BS6658 type A.

Race suit, gloves and boots can be pre-owned but... Its your brain your putting inside the helmet so buy a new one, you'll sleep easier knowing where it's been and what it's done.

Let's all be careful out there and keep the shiny side up.


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