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 Circuit Directions - Fulbeck


Fulbeck circuit is located in the East Midlands between Newark and Sleaford (A-17). Leave Newark by the A-17 to Sleaford by-pass Beckingham village and once on the level you come to a staggered cross roads signposted: Brant Broughton left and Stragglethorpe right. Turn right for Stragglethorpe, 3/4 mile after Stragglethorpe look out for a sign on the left pointing to Fulbeck 1 mile - ignore that - carry straight on and after the trees on the right hand side of the road you will see a sign on the right of the road stating Fulbeck circuit Home of LKRC. If you see the sign for PFI then you've gone to far so double back and turn left before the trees. PFI is less than half a mile from Fulbeck.


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