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All Karts, Chassis, Engines and parts available both 2 and 4 stroke. Please e-mail your request to our parts department at Parts, + 44 (0)1332 811536, for further information. 

Awning Space and Technical assistance

BSR is covered by full Public Liability Insurnace

Being in the Black Sheep awning affords you the little extras you may not have, or the space to put them. We have a 150 ltr compressed air tank to 11 Bar, air tools, vice, bench grinder, hand held grider, tyre changer, Mychron data loging hire with software analysis, weather station with jetting software and remote sensor, Sniper laser tracking (ICA and ICC), pit to kart radio for practice, welding equipment, specialist tools, lighting and heating.

Hospitality and rest area with toilet, hot and cold running water and the tea and coffee are supplied.

Club Meetings and Testing

National Championships

Awning space per weekend


Awning space per weekend Stars - Sat-Sun


Awning space per extra day


Awning space per weekend NKF - Sat-Sun


Awning space per test day


Awning space per extra day - From


Share Technician per day


Share Technician per day


Technician per day


Technician per day



BSR offers a value added shakedown/running-in package which means you get down to racing from the start. We will take delivery of your kart and run in your engine for you. Your kart is then ready to race upon our delivery to you and you haven't spent the time or the tyres doing it yourself.

Full details are available on request. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Contact Dave Hunter, + 44 (0)1332 811536, for further information.


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