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The first consideration in karting is that "Motorsport is Dangerous" remember that at all times and you won't go far wrong.

Remember safety first and the first thing is protection. There are several mandatory aids to protect you in the event of you having an incident whilst at the track. Always be on the lookout both on and off the track.

[1]     Helmet

Crash helmet baring the current MSA approval sticker must be worn at all times during training, practice and competition. Helmets must meet the standards specified in the MSA Yearbook and must fit correctly. A British Standard approved helmet BS 6658 of the the 'TYPE A/FR' is the norm but it must be presented to the appropriate scruitineer to obtain the approval sticker before initial  use. It is strongly recommended that you use a full face helmet. Balaclavas are at your discretion.

[2]     Race Suit

Your race suit must be made by an approved manufacturer and bear the current clothing label either :-  FIA/WKF, CIK/FIA, FMK/FIA or CIK/FIA. These labels are displayed in the 2002 MSA Yearbook page 205 and are on the back of the suit between the shoulders. It is best to have a suit that fits well but allows full movement of your arms and legs. Should you be competing in long circuit meetings all drivers must wear leather suits or MSA approved suits for long cicuit kart racing.

[3]     Footwear

Your footwear must be able to support your ankles. There are specialist racing boots available and it is adviseable to purchase a good pair. Remeber you are driving with these and other types of boot although within the regulations are not really the correct footwear.

[4]     Gloves

Gloves are the normal racing type with a leather handprint with no tears or holes.

[5]     Let's all be careful out there and keep the shiny side up.


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