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Custom made Sponsorships

As a marketing partner with Team BSR, many options are available to customise a marketing campaign to suit your organization’s needs. We have different 'types' of sponsorship similar to many other race teams, race circuits, and race series’, we know the importance of bespoke sponsorship.

Your company size doesn't matter and you could be a first-timer, you don't need to have the budget of some of the larger companies. The great thing about BSR is our flexibility to offer a program that will work with your company.

We believe that the return on investment offered through each of our programs will more than meet your expectations.

Your customised program could include exposure through trackside promotions, team press releases, Internet promotion through the BSR web-site, trade show appearances, company functions, and a host of other possibilities which can be discussed with a team representative.

Within the next few pages, you will find a number of different ‘levels’ of sponsorship available through BSR. These ‘levels’, if they fit with your marketing goals, can be implemented almost immediately. These ‘levels’ can be used as guides and you can pick'n'mix to reach your custom sponsorship.

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Sponsorship Levels


BSR has various sponsorship opportunities for businesses of all sizes. No budget is too small, nor is the return on investment. View
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