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Are you good enough?

Instruction & Evaluation Test Drive

Now 149.95


       Honda Cadet Class at Fulbeck near Newark          Another pole position - Your next move into Juniors

Motorsport - One of the few things left in this world in which we in Britain still blaze the trail. BSR are committed to try to keep us there and are now in a position to help bring on the future stars of British Motorsport. The key to greatness in sport apart from natural ability comes with starting young. Cadet racing from 8-12 years old. Karting is the way to all aspects of the sport. All current and many of the past Formula 1 drivers participated in karting. Early years in karting pay dividends later. Jenson Button started in cadets and rose through the ranks in karting to become one of the youngest drivers in F1 with a bright future.

Whether your children progress through the ranks or not experience gained in driving a racing kart at a young age will give them confidence in themselves and their ability. This can only help in their development and if nothing else will produce a driver who is better able to handle most situations on our public roads.

Are you good enough?


    Cadets - Your first kart                                                     Juniors or Seniors Your First Kart

BSR will be using one if not the best cadet karts available in the UK the Biz JHK-3, this kart uses the ubiquitous Honda GX160 4 stroke air-cooled engine and is fitted with Kelgate brakes - the best in the world. Top speed of the kart is 55 mph. We use only MSA/CIK approved safety equipment and clothing. Further details are available on our website or give us a call anytime we are here to help.

To old for cadets? BSR run a Junior section in the team for the children aged from 11-16. Youngsters 16 or over even Mum and or Dad can try the senior class, not much faster than juniors but just as much fun. All evaluation test drives are 149.95. Book 2 or more evaluations together and the second or subsequent person gets a 15 discount. Book 10 evaluations and the 11th is free*.

A good performance during the evaluation test drive day gives you, if you want to continue, a saving of 100 on any of our ARKS Packages

 Karting the most exciting form of motorsport by far.

Call : - 01332 811536 for more information.

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  *Drives must be done together on the same day


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